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One Front Street - Tenant Re-Entry Update

Dear Tenants,

I hope everyone had a restful holiday weekend. In preparation for re-entry to One Front Street, please review the attached documents carefully and distribute to your teams at your earliest convenience.


  • Floors 2-13: Enter from Front Street and follow signage to queue in line for the low-rise elevators.
  • Floors 14-36: Enter from Market Street and follow signage to queue in line for the mid-rise (14-25) or high-rise (26-36) elevators.
  • Visitors & Vendor Deliveries: Enter from Front Street. Visitors will follow signage to queue in line for the Security desk. Vendor Deliveries will stage in the designated vendor delivery area for tenant pick-up.
  • Tenant Drivers: Enter from Garage and will follow signage to queue for their appropriate floor. Drivers will exit through the secondary Garage entrance by Market Street.
  • Tenant Bicyclists: Enter from Garage and follow signage to queue for their appropriate floor. Cyclists bringing bikes up to their floor must take the freight and queue in the high-rise (26-36) line.
  • All may exit the building from Front Street or Market Street.

The signage outlined on the Lobby Flow plan is in progress and installation is expected by mid/late June. In the meantime, temporary signage will be used to help direct incoming tenants. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the recommended travel routes to ensure a smoother traffic flow upon entering the building.

FACE COVERINGS: Please be advised, face-coverings must be worn inside the building common areas such as the main lobby, elevators and garage. We appreciate your partnership in communicating this to all your employees coming to One Front Street. In the event an individual is unable to wear a face-covering due to medical or health reasons, please reach out to the building office in advance for assistance.

PHASING PLAN: As more tenants return to One Front and as your phasing plans develop, please keep us updated and allow our team the opportunity to assist you. This will help us to plan for your arrival accordingly.

Thank you to everyone in advance for your continued partnership in this next phase. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to One Front Street. If you have any questions, please reach out to our office at

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