• We have three Dayporters onsite to maintain restrooms and common areas.
  • Any janitorial related requests during regular business hours should be added into Angus and a Dayporter will be dispatched to assist you.
  • For leaks & spills, please call the Management Office immediately at (415) 391-4445.

Nightly Janitorial Service

  • Nightly janitorial services are provided Monday through Friday evenings, in accordance to the details of your lease.
  • Any deficiencies discovered in your area or service should be reported to the Management Office or added into Angus for assistance.

Carpet Cleaning

  • For spot cleaning, please create a work order on Angus. Providing photos and location descriptions of the stains enable our team to more efficiently address the stains.
  • Our nightly cleaning crew will be the team to perform the spot cleaning or provide a quote if additional cleaning is necessary.
  • For full carpet shampoo, please create a work order on Angus under Work > OT Janitorial

Window Cleaning

  • Exterior Window Cleaning is done on a semi-annual basis.
  • Interior Perimeter Window Cleaning is done annually.
  • Upon request, the Management Office can provide you with tentative scheduling information to assist in your operations planning. Please note, in the event of any weather conflicts the schedule may potentially change.
  • Interior Window Partition Cleaning is considered an additional service billable to the Tenant. For a quote, please create a work order on Angus under Work > OT Janitorial or reach out to the Management Office.

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