Recycling & Composting Program

Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling

Chris Levaggi
Program Manager
Phone: (415) 575-2437
Fax: (415) 934-8792

Trash Disposal

  • The building is proud to participate in Recology - Golden Gate's diversion program, which adheres to strict standards regarding trash separation for recycling, compost and landfill. Trash is removed on a nightly basis.
  • Do not place any objects near, against, or on top of trash receptacles if the material is not intended for disposal.
  • Do not leave items near the freight elevator to await disposal. This is a potential fire hazard. Instead, reach out to the Management Office or place a work order on Angus for a trash pick-up. Please note, additional charges may apply.
  • No dumping of trash in the building's recycling compactor or dumpsters in the loading dock is permitted. This is to mitigate potential injury as well as cross-contamination with the trash / recycling program.
  • The Building does offer large recycling dumpsters for small, one-off cleaning projects. There is an additional charge involved that is billed back to the Tenant. Please reach out to the Management Office for a quote.
  • Each year, the Building will also provide information for Holiday Tree Disposal in conjunction with Recology Golden Gate's schedule.
  • One Front Street participates in a recycling and compost program with San Francisco's trash disposal contractor, Recology Golden Gate.
  • The program will limit unnecessary trash removal to landfill, directly impact and support local business and achieve a direct savings to our bottom line financial performance. We ask for all tenants to partake by separating the recycling, compost and landfill waste.

Recycling = BLUE & Compost = GREEN

  • The recycling BLUE receptacles usually located underneath an employee's desk are to be used for all recyclable waste such as paper of all types, books, magazines, newspapers, file folders, cardboard, used pens (if not leaking), aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and any of the other recyclable materials listed on the Recyclable Materials Guide.
  • At the end of the day, the night janitors place these recyclable items in the dry compactor. When the dry compactor is picked-up, Golden Gate Debris sorts each item.
  • Keep in mind once wet trash is thrown with the recycling, the entire trash is no longer recyclable.
  • The compost GREEN receptacles will be located in kitchens or break areas. Compost can be considered "anything that was once alive." Such as food scraps, soiled paper, flowers / floral trimmings, and other items labeled "Compostable".
  • Any receptacle located in the restrooms will be treated as compostable waste.
  • Occupants whose business creates a need for large item refuse removal i.e. carpet samples, architectural models, steel parts etc. should bag these items and make separate arrangements for a pick-up either with Recology Golden Gate or third-party vendor.
  • This also applies to office clean-ups and move-outs that will generate items that can't be mixed in the recycling compactor or would create too much load for the building refuse container.

Cardboard Box Recycling

  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down and placed in a visible area for disposal in a regularly serviced trash pick-up area such as a copy room or kitchen.
  • DO NOT leave cardboard boxes by the freight elevator, in aisles or hallways leading to emergency exits.
  • Please be advised, large amounts of cardboard boxes left for disposal may have an additional charge as it might result in too much load for the building's recycling compactor.
  • If you have any questions on whether or not a set of cardboard boxes will have an associated cost, please call the Management Office at (415) 391-4445.

E-Waste, Equipment, Furniture, etc.

  • The Management Office organizes a free quarterly Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Collection Event for our tenants to dispose e-waste equipment such as: fax machines, printers, computer components, CRTs (TV's & Computer Monitors), cell phones, toner cartridges, power supplies, small household appliances and other e-waste material.
  • We cannot dispose of furniture such as desks, cabinets, chairs, etc.
  • Personal arrangements will need to be made with an outside vendor or mover to dispose of your furniture. Please contact the Management Office if you need assistance.

Battery Recycling

  • Batteries are not accepted or collected by the Management Office.
  • The closest battery drop-off location for regular batteries is Walgreens at 100 Sansome St.
  • Arrangements for a free battery collection bucket from Recology Golden Gate can be made by calling (415) 330-1300.
  • Find additional locations to recycling batteries on RecycleWhere.

Recycling Dumpsters / Containers

Recycling dumpsters and containers are the property of the Building and must not be removed from the premises. The use of the recycling dumpsters is considered an additional service with applicable fees. To obtain containers and for more inquiries, please call the Management Office at (415) 391-4445.

Click here for the Recycling, Compost, and Landfill Fliers

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