Designated Tenant Contact

Each Tenant is responsible for designating at least two Tenant Contacts who shall have the authority to make decisions over daily operations. The Management Office should be notified of any changes to the Tenant Contacts and provided all necessary contact information immediately to ensure records kept on file is current.

All designated Tenant Contacts are a part of the building Memo Distribution list. Please instruct the designated Tenant Contact(s) to distribute the information internally to your employees.

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Examples of Tenant Contact Authorization Duties:

  • After-Hours guest access to your floors in the building
  • Persons who should be notified in case of an emergency
  • Persons who will comprise your emergency life-safety team
  • Persons who will be permitted to remove property from the building
  • Ordering of access cards, additional keys and lock changes
  • Authorization for billable work orders to the Tenant
  • A record of the Tenant Contacts will be kept on file at the Management Office and with Security console in the main lobby.