Window Cleaning

One Front Street schedules two (2) Exterior Window and one (1) Interior Perimeter Window cleanings per year.

Exterior Window Washing is scheduled in the Spring and Fall. Full cleaning of the entire building takes approximately one month to complete. However, scheduling is subject to weather conditions. Cleaning typically begins on Battery Street then to Market Street and Front Street. Pine Street is cleaned once per year.

Interior Window Washing typically occurs after the second Exterior Window Washing in the Fall. During this time, window washers will clean the inside of the building perimeter windows. Any movable objects that may directly block the windows or restrict the washers from cleaning the windows must be moved away from the window.

Any windows with large furniture, electronics or personal items in front of them will not be cleaned. Partition glass is not included.

Locked offices are also skipped. If Tenants wish to have locked office windows cleaned, additional security arrangements must be made with the Management Office in advance.